Saturday, February 28, 2009


I just had to put this on my blog because I love it. In the process I discovered I've been misspelling and mispronouncing it all my life.

Oh, my, here's another one. One of these guys is gonna end up in felt, I can feel it...

Both of these are from the 1903 Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Seen in downtown Graton today

I had to go up and look at what somebody had written on this heart -- it says "Hope." Sign of the times. I don't think most people realize the value of a local newspaper anymore, sadly.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We have three chickens, but Eva is my favorite. She's extremely curious, and always has her face in everything I'm doing when I'm out there. I call her "fuzzy face" because she has these tufts of feathers on her cheeks, like a goofy little mustache. She's an Ameraucauna, and lays beautiful, large green eggs.

Here's one of her masterpieces:

That's Eva in the background

Ginger and Penny don't do too bad, either.

Friday, February 20, 2009

For Australia

I belong to a wonderful online forum on Felting. There are members from all around the world who participate in discussion and sharing of the art of felting. A number of people on the forum are from Australia, where devastating wildfires have been burning for the last two weeks. Last I heard, 1800 people have lost their homes, and entire towns have been wiped out. One of the Australian members of the forum decided to organize an art sale to raise money for the people there. I made this piece last weekend, and will be sending it off to Australia this week. It is a Strauss Dairy milk bottle which I wet-felted to encase it with white. I then needle-felted a "cork" which is removeable. To me, it represents new life emerging, as is my hope for the area of Australia which has been destroyed. It can be used as a tip jar, a "mad money" jar, or a candy jar or whatever. I'll send it off with a few coins inside to get started.

For more info:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Felt Farm!

Finally... I have launched my own Etsy shop! I have been working for quite some time at amassing a bit of inventory for it, and I now have 15 items for sale.

All of the work on my shop - which I have named "Felt Farm" is handcrafted out of wool fiber. I absolutely love sculpting objects out of wool, and never seem to run out of ideas.

These Redwing Blackbird earrings are the original catalyst for the idea of starting up a shop - everywhere Amelia wears hers, she gets comments.

Check it out if you have time, and keep checking back as I add new items and enhance the shop!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random things about me

My sister-in law (Hi Suzi!) tagged me on facebook and asked me to write 25 random things about myself. Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to send it to 25 people. Since blogging is more my thing than facebook, I thought I'd just share my things here. I guess I got carried away, because by the time I stopped I had 63 "things."

I really enjoyed reading Suzi's 25 Random things about herself. If you are reading this blog, I would LOVE to hear 25 random things about you! Or 61! or 100! or 5!

Here are some random things about me:

I am creative and constantly see inspiration everywhere.
I'm always making something.
I can't keep up with my ideas, and sometimes feel overwhelmed by them.
I don't care for fiction reading.
I buy too many books on technology and art.
I never feel educated enough or smart enough, and therefore am a perpetual student.
I've been laid off 4 times, have never been fired, and have only quit one job.
My favorite food is milk. Whole milk, cream, and half & half. But I only drink non-fat milk. I do feel deprived.
I can no longer cut apart a whole chicken, but I can eat it.
I rarely eat packaged, processed foods with long lists of ingredients.
I secretly wish to be a baker in an artisan bakery. Or a cheese maker.
I love animals.
I love to shop at Thrift Stores.
I never get bored, and never have enough time in the day.
I prefer to buy local.
I love the town that I live in. I love my street. I have great neighbors.
I have a motorcycle license, but am too afraid to ride where there is traffic.
I'm certified for scuba, and have dove to 110'.
I wish I could sketch better. I wish I would sketch more so I could get better.
I am happily married, and lucky to be in this partnership.
I am not very verbally articulate, but I can write, and can spell.
I am very proud that we were able to allow Amelia to go to school in the same school district her whole life.
I attended 7 different elementary and High Schools.
My parents divorced and re-married and divorced again.
I worry about the health and well-being of my sister.
My brother and my Dad share the same Birthday.
I genuinely appreciate having a hot shower every day, clean drinking water, warm shelter and food.
I have danced hula regularly for 15 1/2 years.
I have recently begun doing Zumba and Hoopdance.
Even though I'm messy and disorganized, I luxuriate in a clean, tidy house. It makes me feel relaxed and calm.
I love everything about my chickens and hanging out with them makes me happy.
I love mid-century design.
I am about to launch my own Etsy shop with my felted things.
The thing I am most proud of is my daughter.
The thing I worry about most is auto accidents, ever since having that job at the newspaper where I had to map fatals.
I assume I will live only as long as my mom, which gives me 18 more years.
I am worried about finding full-time employment.
I started feeling old at 49.
I honor the Aloha Spirit, and admire the way the Hawaiian community respects and cares for their elders.
I appreciate time alone, and am grateful to have a lot of it.
My favorite films are documentaries.
On TV I like "Survivor," and "The View"
I was a producer and engineer for a live radio show for 3 1/2 years.
I love animals.
I play with wool. A lot.
I want to go whale-watching some day.
If money were no object, I would travel. I want to go everywhere.
My two favorite spots on Earth are Gualala and Upcountry Maui.
I wish I could sing; especially harmony.
I regret not listening to my parents and grandparents more when they told stories of family history.
I have taken flute, piano, organ, violin, `ukulele and saxophone lessons. `Ukulele is the only one that has stuck.
I have never played a guitar.
I am overly cautious of potentially dangerous situations.
I could never be a teacher or a manager.
I am not a leader.
I love teamwork.
I drive too slow.
I have been to the top of the South tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.
I want to learn to speak French.
Seeing hot lava flow from the earth was one of the most mesmerizing and awe-inspiring things I have ever witnessed.
I want to learn other forms of dance; particularly Latin.
I love Cuban Jazz and Hawaiian Falsetto.
I am a wanna-be surfer.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A piece I did a while back..

Here's a little piece I did of a friend's impossibly-cute baby. I say impossibly cute, because I found it impossible to replicate her adorableness.