Sunday, January 23, 2011

Doggie Dogs

Everyone who knows me knows I love dogs, but the household is currently ruled by cats, so I can only enjoy the dogs of others. Last month I had two commissions for dogs. I was a little nervous, because I hadn't done any dogs, but both people sent really cute adorable photos to work from.

The first one was for my niece as a Christmas present to her husband. They had recently lost their 4-year-old black pug, Pal, and wanted to memorialize him with a sculpture. I suggested the idea of doing only his head in a frame that could be mounted on the wall.

The other dog was named "Spatz" and was a load of fun to do. Spatz's owner sent lots of great photos, and I was delighted to see that he has one blue eye and one brown eye. He came out as sort of a caracature - which was perfect because his owner is a Disney buff.