Saturday, January 2, 2010

Walt Disney Family Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum

It's always nice to go to the city and park right in front of where you're going for free! How often does that happen? We went to the Walt Disney Family Museum today in the Presidio. It's fantastic! A treasure trove of information and memorabilia on everything Walt! We were in there 3 1/2 hrs, and didn't even see everything. I love the display case of Oscars - the Oscar for Snow White has 7 mini oscars on it, too! He was quite the businessman - amazing what he accomplished in his life. And how he never thought he'd have a chance at breaking into the animation business. I'd say the museum is more geared for the older Disney aficionados than for little ones - there's a lot to read, and I saw a lot of antsy kids. But then, I overheard a lot of interesting questions from kids, too, so guess it depends on the kid. Our two 21-yr-old film students soaked it up like sponges. They have Walt's personal train, a lot of interesting family photos & treasures, letters, film clips, and a gigantic multi-plane animation camera. And, of course a lot of original artwork, models, cameras and interactive exhibits. A large spiral staircase snakes around an original Disneyland model. It's really well-done, and far exceeded my expectations!

When we came home we watched "Song of the South".We'd never seen it. Zippity-do-dah!

The Snow White Oscar

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