Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Botancals

A couple more drawings from my class with Nina Antze. One of the things I love most about this class is how it forces me to really look at things - to see and appreciate little details that are usually overlooked, or just blurred into the whole. When you are drawing something, you must focus on it's angle, form, color, and with plants, botany. I'm trying to use the Botanical names now. The first drawing is a Walnut leaf, and the second one is a large citrus I bought at the SR farmers' market. The farmer called it a "Chinese Grapefruit."



Is that botanical writing a typeface or do you just have great old fashioned penmanship?

Nancy said...

I added it in Photoshop. This font is called "Jefferson." I probably got it from Another one I like is called "Schoon." I have always loved the old penmanship, like you see on the Declaration of Independence. Would love to learn that some day, but for now, Photoshop.